Organic Garlic Grower Manual

Garlic may generally be divided into two subspecies: ophioscorodon (hardneck or topset garlic). Garlic (Allium stivum L.) or bawang is a perennial herb of the Amaryllidaceous family. The plant produces bulb which is surrounded by sheaths and composed of thin-shelled bulblets, cloves, or set, all of which are capable of forming a new plant. The bulblet in fresh or in processed form has been used as food, condiment, and for medicinal purposes.

Hardneck garlic produces elongated flower stalks (scapes) and bulbils at the top of the stalk. Softneck garlic does not produce bulbils, except in times of stress. Hardneck garlic may be purple, purple striped, or white. Softneck garlic is also referred to as silverskin, artichoke, or Italian garlic. Silverskin garlic may also be differentiated into many-cloved or few-cloved varieties, and may also be tan, all white, or purple tinged.