ZOPPA is a membership organisation that relies on full participation of members in all of its activities. ZOPPA membership is drawn from different sectors within the organic agriculture circles.  The membership categories and member benefits are as follows:

Member Categories

  1. Corporate Membership 1– Smallholder farmer groups
  2. Corporate Membership 2– Research institutions, Universities, NGOs, Large scale farmers, exporters
  3. Individual membership

Membership Benefits

  • Enjoy local, regional and international market linkages
  • Have access to information pertaining to organic agriculture
  • Have access to a forum where members can exchange experiences and best practice
  • Involvement in ZOPPA programmes
  • Involvement in the development of a national organic agriculture movement.
  • Get exposed and linked to regional and global organic agriculture movements
  • Benefit from group marketing
  • Attending and voting at ZOPPA AGM
  • Receiving ZOPPA publications and contributing to them

ZOPPA Services

  • Facilitate provision of information and technical advisory services in the area of training, production, certification and marketing.
  • Facilitate the creation of Zimbabwean organic standards and ensure member compliance to the standards.
  • Coordinate organic inspection and certification.
  • Facilitate member linkage to local, regional and international markets by providing information on markets.
  • Identify and advise members on suitable products for the market
  • Free access to ZOPPA organised markets.
  • Source, package and disseminate relevant information.
  • Lobby and advocate for organic agriculture policy in Zimbabwe.
  • Facilitate networking initiatives at all levels.
  • Coordinate activities and events for ZOPPA members.
  • Capacity building of members as need arises
  • Develop and keep a database for its members.
  • Production of a periodic publication
  • Link members to potential funding partners

Member Contributions

    • An annual subscription that depends on the category of membership
    • Contribution to ZOPPA publications
    • Free provision of information on the organic enterprise as required by ZOPPA
    • Compliance to standards and principles of organic agriculture